Total Drama College is canonically the sixth season of Total Drama, and the first roleplay season. It features twenty returning contestants being brought to a local community college that Don has hired out, along with Chef as his new sidekick. They'll compete in academical and physical related challenges, all in hopes for winning the million dollars.

Current CastEdit


  • Chef HatchetPortrayed by XxSolarEclipsexX
  • DonPortrayed by DerpyandDawn


  • AmyPortrayed by DerpyandDawn
  • Bridgette - Portrayed by TylerWebkinzFan
  • HeatherPortrayed by LlewellynIsAwesome!
  • JasminePortrayed by XxSolarEclipsexX
  • LeshawnaPortrayed by XxSolarEclipsexX
  • Lindsay - Portrayed by TylerWebkinzFan
  • SameyPortrayed by DerpyandDawn
  • TylerPortrayed by LlewellynIsAwesome!



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